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Understanding Our Catholic Faith

How God Continues to Reveal Himself: Creation


O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.
Psalm 104:24

God's Plan for You

Around you are many signs of the presence of God. From the simplicity of a single cell to the vastness of the cosmos, you have much to marvel at and much that shows you the graciousness of our Creator. Who else but a loving God would begin and sustain such intricate patterns of life?

Creation is the means by which your reason and experience help you understand God's plan for you. But God helps you even more. He reveals himself through Scripture and Tradition as well. In Scripture you see that humanity's history has been filled with times of salvation and grace. In Tradition you see how people are chosen to celebrate, teach, and serve as God's own family. Just as God named all creation "good," you are continually called in your time to be a co-worker in that same plan for goodness, justice, and peace.


As you experience the gift of creation, you learn that God brought everything into being and that he continues to care deeply for all created things. He provides what is needed for all of creation to grow toward perfection. This is an essential teaching. It affirms that God is neither detached nor distant, but with you always. His loving care for all creation is called providence. One response is to care for others as he cares for you.


  • How have you experienced the presence of God during your life journey?
  • What parts of creation remind you of God?


Creator God, Instill in me the harmony of creation and trust in your providence. Amen.

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