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How We Witness to Christ: New Life

New Life

The saying is sure: If we have died with him, we will also live with him.
2 Timothy 2:11

Events That Remain Present Forever

The Paschal Mystery is the series of great events through which God brought about humanity's salvation—the passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ. Although other historical events have had far-reaching consequences, those events cannot be "relived" except in the human imagination; however, the truth of the Paschal Mystery is not over and never will be. Because Christ was and is God, everything that he did and suffered for humans continues for all eternity. Each time the Church celebrates the sacraments, Christ himself makes the Paschal Mystery present again in order to confer sacramental benefits on his people.

Dying and Rising with Christ

The sacraments incorporate Catholics into Christ's own body; therefore, those celebrating the sacraments experience both the death that Christ endured and his Resurrection to new life. Trusting in God, Christians endure disappointments, trials, and the death of those they love. They experience new life when they help those in need or reconcile with people from whom they have been estranged. Finally, they experience the physical death that completes their incorporation into Christ and make possible their own resurrection to eternal blessedness.


  • How do you demonstrate the hope made possible by faith in the Paschal Mystery?
  • What events in your life do you relive in your imagination?
  • In what ways has dying to self helped you experience new life?


Lord Jesus Christ, through your death and Resurrection we know hope, and are able to share it. Thank you. Amen.

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