Saint Raymond of PeƱafort

Saint Raymond of Peñafort, c. 1175–1275
January 7

Many of our Church laws are based on the Ten Commandments. Laws that are written for the Church are called “canon laws.” Saint Raymond of Peñafort was a priest who studied canon law. There were many canon laws, but they were not organized into one place. The Pope asked Raymond to put all the canon laws in one book. He had to make sure no law was repeated. It was a big job! When all the laws were in one book, Saint Raymond became the head of the Dominican Order. He lived about 800 years ago.

Discuss: How do you follow the Ten Commandments?

Code of Canon Law
Multiple Intelligence: Mathematical/Logical

  • Talk to your program coordinator and make arrangements to show children the Code of Canon Law.
  • Ask: How may Church laws, or canon laws, do you think there are?
    a. 10
    b. 249
    c. 1752
    d. 3783
    answer: c
  • Ask: Why do you think the Church has so many laws?