Saint Hilda of Whitby

Saint Hilda of Whitby, 614–680
Feast Day: November 17

Saint Hilda of Whitby was a princess who lived in England. For half of her life, she lived at the royal court. When she was thirty-three, she decided to devote the rest of her life to God. She became a nun and later founded her own monastery at Whitby. Because she knew the importance of studying the Bible, everyone who joined her monastery had to read Scripture. She wanted them to read the Bible every day. She also encouraged her followers to study Latin. Because she valued education for both boys and girls, she has become the patron of many schools all over the world.

Discuss: Which books of the Bible can you name?

Multiple Intelligences: Verbal/Linguistic

Saint Hilda of Whitby had a great love for both Scripture and children. Read Mark 10:13-16. Ask and discuss the following questions:

  • Why did parents bring their children to Jesus?
  • What did the disciples do?
  • What was Jesus’ response?
  • What does this Scripture story tell you about children?