Saint Fiacre

Saint Fiacre, Seventh Century
Feast Day September 1

One of the ways we can be caretakers of creation is by planting flowers, vegetables, and trees. Saint Fiacre is the patron Saint of all gardeners. He wanted to live alone in his little house with a garden where he grew plants for food and medicine. But travelers would stop and ask to stay with him, so he built a special shelter for them. More and more people who needed help came to see Saint Fiacre and eventually a whole town grew up around his house and garden. Saint Fiacre helped all who came, but he also always kept growing his garden.

Discuss: How can you be a steward of creation?

Multiple Intelligences: Naturalist

Saint Fiacre dedicated his life to caring for God God’s creation, especially people and plants. Choose one of the following activities:

  • Ask children to share stories of what they do to care for creation.
  • Make arrangements to plant flowers on the parish grounds. Talk about how the gift of the flowers will benefit the parish.