Saint Peter

First Century

Saint Peter, First Century

June 29

Saint Peter was a fisherman with his brother Saint Andrew. Later, he was the leader of Jesus’ followers. He knew that Jesus was the Son of God. But he also knew Jesus was a man. He ate with Jesus. He prayed with Jesus. He walked and talked with Jesus. He even went to parties with Jesus! Saint Peter knew that Jesus got tired and hungry. He knew when Jesus was happy and sad. But most of all, he knew that Jesus loved everyone. After Jesus died, Saint Peter told many people about Jesus. He is considered to be the first Pope.

Saint Peter was from Bethsaida, near Lake Tiberias. His brother Andrew introduced him to Jesus. Peter was at Jesus’ side during the Transfiguration, the raising of Jairus’s daughter, and the agony of the Garden of Gethsemane. He was the first Apostle to perform miracles in the name of the Lord.

Peter is the patron Saint of fishermen, shipwrights, and the Papacy. He was first called Simon. Jesus changed his name to Peter, which means “rock.” Peter was crucified and buried on Vatican hill, which is where Popes lead the Church from today.

Discuss: What do you think Jesus might have done for fun?

Goin’ Fishin’
Bodily/ Kinesthetic

Explain to the child that Saint Peter, the first Pope, was first a fisherman when he met Jesus. Later, Jesus teaches us to be fishers of men. This means that we want to tell all people about Jesus’ love.

  • Provide a small dowel, a paper clip, and twine (36” long) to the child. Have the child tie these all together to make a fishing pole. The paper clip will serve as the hook. Let them stripe or color their pole as they wish. Slim strips of duct tape spiraled around the dowel can also make a nice design.
  • Purchase a small pack of Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish candy and glue a small magnet to the pack. Or, just hook the pack to the paper clip.
  • Let the child stand on one side of a large bed sheet stretched across from wall to wall. Let them go fishin’. Make the sheet droops low enough for the child to drop their line over it.
  • Tell the child that they will feel a hard tug when they’ve caught something.
  • You should be on the other side of the sheet to attach a pack of Goldfish/Swedish Fish to the end of the fishing pole’s paper clip.
  • Remember to tug sharply when you have the pack secured to their pole.
  • In conclusion, say this prayer together:
  • Saint Peter, pray for us, that we learn to be fishers of men by our words and our actions. Amen.