Saint Cecilia

Second or Third Century

Saint Cecilia, Second or Third Century
November 22

Saint Cecilia lived in Rome. Because of her faith, she was killed by the Emperor. A story says that her husband, Valerian, was a martyr, too. The legend also says that Cecilia sang to God on her wedding day as well as when she was dying. Cecilia used her beautiful voice to pray to God in song. That is why she is the patron Saint of music and musicians. On her feast day, many people remember her by singing songs and playing instruments. We can be like Saint Cecilia when we use our musical talents to honor God.

Discuss: How do you praise God with music or song?

Cecilia is also the patron Saint of church music. The Sisters of Saint Cecilia shear the lambs’ wool used to make the palliums of new archbishops. Her name is mentioned in the Eucharistic prayer, and she has been the subject of many songs and poems. Cecilia is often shown playing an instrument.

Praise Song
Musical, Verbal/Linguistic

Explain that Saint Cecilia used her musical talents to honor God. Share that we can be like Saint Cecilia when we use our musical talents to praise and honor God.

  • Work together to write some song lyrics that praise God.
  • If one of you knows how to play an instrument or use a music program on a computer, add a melody to your lyrics.
  • Practice singing your song together. If neither of you feel comfortable singing, read your lyrics as a form of poetry.
  • Gather other family members together, and sing your song or read your poem (with feeling) to them.