Saint Elizabeth of Hungary


Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, 1207–1231

November 17

Saint Elisabeth was a princess of Hungary, the daughter of King Andrew II and his wife Gertrude. She married Prince Ludwig of Germany. Jesus’ command to love one another was very important to Elisabeth. She was very religious and prayed often. She spent her entire life caring for people who were poor and suffering. Elisabeth fed the hungry by giving them food at the castle gate. She sold her jewels and used the money to build hospitals, including one that aided nine hundred poor people every day. When her husband became worried about the cost of her charity work, a basket of roses was changed miraculously into a basket of bread. After that, her husband supported Elizabeth’s work, and kept vigils and prayed with her.

When her husband died, Elizabeth was very sad. She worked hard to take care of her four children, but she kept helping the poor, too. Because she gave away bread, Saint Elizabeth is the patron of bakers. She is often shown with roses in artwork.

Discuss: What have you donated to those in need?

Visual/Spatial; Interpersonal

Explain to the child that Saint Elizabeth was concerned about the poor. Hunger is an issue that poverty causes.

  • Provide a paper plate and crayons or colored pencils to the child.
  • Have the child draw a plate of food they would share with the poor.
  • Have them consider the health benefits of their choices.
  • Say this prayer:
    • Saint Elizabeth, pray for us that when we can, we will provide for those people who need food, shelter, clothing, and love. Pray that we share the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.