Saint Brigid of Kildare

c. 451–525

Saint Brigid of Kildare, c. 451–525

February 1

Saint Brigid was a nun who dedicated her life to God. She refused many offers of marriage, and chose to be a religious sister instead. Others soon joined her. Brigid went all around Ireland. She walked and traveled by horse and cart. She sailed in a boat on the Irish Sea. Everywhere Brigid went, she spoke of God’s love. She was known for the kindness and mercy she showed to everyone. She once said that she would like to turn a whole lake into something good to drink and have everyone share it. She wanted everyone to feel loved by God.

Saint Brigid founded a school of art that became famous for its illuminated manuscripts. She also founded two monasteries, one for men and one for women at Cill-Dara in Kildare. Brigid became the abbess of her community, the first in Ireland, and Kildare became known as a city of learning and spirituality.

Saint Brigid’s parents were both baptized by Saint Patrick. She is a patron Saint of Ireland, where she is also known as “the Mary of the Gaels.”

Discuss: How can you share God’s kindness and mercy with your friends and family?


Explain to the child that Saint Brigid traveled all around Ireland.

  • Provide a map of Ireland. Invite the child to draw the shape of the country on a piece of paper.
  • Have them draw a map of roads, rivers, mountains, and cities. Ask them to make a map of where they would travel if they had been Saint Brigid.
  • If they wish to try and draw a horse and buggy on the road, they should try to do so.
  • Say this prayer:
    • Saint Brigid, pray for us, that we find our way, and let no distance be too far to share the love of Jesus. Amen.