Queenship of Mary

Queenship of Mary
August 22

Although all of the Saints rejoice in God’s presence, Mary enjoys a special place among them. We honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Calling her “Queen” reminds us that she is as close to her Son in Heaven as she was when he lived on Earth. We recall Mary’s coronation each time we pray the last of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. But Mary is not just a queen. She is also our mother. When we ask for her help, she always takes our prayers to Jesus.

Discuss: What is your favorite prayer to Mary?

Mary’s Queenship is also considered because she has a unique relationship with all three members of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The “Hail, Holy Queen” prayer is part of the larger prayer of the Rosary, and the Salve Regina (Hail, Queen) is sung from Trinity Sunday until just before Advent. Some cities hold parades and processions in honor of the Queenship of Mary.

Intrapersonal, Verbal/Linguistic

Explain that one of the most revered prayers and practices of devotion that we use to honor Mary, the Mother of God, is the Rosary.

  • Provide your child with a set of rosary beads. Make sure you have one for yourself as well.
  • See page 324 in the Our Catholic Tradition section in the back of the Student Book for an explanation on How to Pray the Rosary.
  • Following is a possible example of how you might review the parts of the Rosary together:
    • Start by praying the Sign of the Cross.
    • Together pray the Apostles’ Creed (page 306).
    • Have your child pray the Lord’s Prayer (page 320).
    • Together pray the Hail Mary (page 321).
    • Have your child pray the Glory Be (page 320).
    • State the Joyful Mysteries (page 324), reflecting on each of the events.
    • Together pray the Hail, Holy Queen (page 324).