Saint Anthony Claret


Saint Anthony Claret, 1807–1870

October 24

Saint Anthony Mary Claret was born in Spain. His father taught him to weave and make designs. He also learned how to print books. Later, he became a priest and then a bishop. He knew that different people have different ways to spread the message of Jesus. One way Saint Anthony used his skills was to go to Cuba as a missionary. Another way was to print books. He started a company that printed religious books. He wrote more than 100 books himself! He also started an order of priests, the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, now known as the Claretians. They continue his work today.

Saint Anthony was an archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, and the confessor for Queen Isabella of Spain. He participated in the First Vatican Council, had the gift of prophecy, and performed many miracles. He is the patron of weavers, textile merchants, and saving money.

Discuss: What skills can you use to help others learn about Jesus?


Explain to the child that Saint Anthony Claret printed books to tell about Jesus.

  • Have the child create a book cover that describes Jesus.
  • Provide a heart stamp and an ink pad so they can stamp images and then color to design and create the book cover.
  • Display their design.