Saint Mary Magdalene of Pazzi


Saint Mary Magdalene of Pazzi, 15661607
May 25

Mary Magdalene de Pazzi was a nun from Italy who spent her whole life in prayer. She thought about Heaven a lot, even when she was sewing. Once, when a friend of hers died, she saw her friend going into Heaven. Saint Mary Magdalene said that her friend looked like a white bird flying into a beautiful big house. She said that Heaven is beautiful, more beautiful than anything any of us have ever seen.

Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi felt great charity for the poor. She felt a deep attraction toward the Blessed Sacrament all through her life. Her baptismal name was Caterina, but she took the name Mary Magdalene when she became a Carmelite nun. She is the patron Saint of the sick and against sickness, and a patron of the city of Naples, Italy.

Discuss: What do you think Heaven looks like? 

Heaven Collage

Tell the child that Saint Mary Magdalene of Pazzi said that Heaven is more beautiful than anything any of us have seen.

  • You will need a piece of butcher paper, safety scissors, and a nature magazine or two that can be cut up.
  • Have the child look through the magazine(s) and find beautiful scenes and things they love, and create a Heaven collage mural of all the wonders and beauty they will find in Heaven.
  • Display their work.