Saint Louis de Montfort


Saint Louis de Montfort, 16731716
April 28

Saint Louis de Montfort was a French priest. He told people to pray every day and to believe that God answers all prayers. He knew that Jesus used stories to invite us to become part of God’s Kingdom. So Saint Louis did the same thing. He wrote many books to proclaim the Good News of God’s love. Saint Louis had a special love for Jesus’ Mother, Mary, so he told people about her, too. He said that she loves us even more than our own mothers do. People still read his books and learn about Jesus from his writings.

Discuss: What story can you tell about Jesus?

Louis de Montfort is known for encouraging devotion to praying the Rosary. He founded two congregations: the Sisters of Divine Wisdom and the Missionaries of the Company of Mary. Louis worked for some time as a librarian and as a hospital chaplain as well as a priest. He founded several free schools, wrote poems and hymns, and traveled all over France as a missionary.

Prayer Journal
Intrapersonal; Verbal/Linguistic

Tell the child that Saint Louis de Montfort believed that we should pray every day.

  • Encourage the child to make a prayer journal out of a notebook or handmade collection of paper.
  • It should be private but written down.
  • They should have a date, subject, thanksgiving, praise, and intercession noted for each prayer, as well as any petitions or other needs.
  • After a week, they should go back and see if they can see the answer to their prayers. It is not always what they want, but it is an answer. Also, it is not always immediately answered because God’s timing is different from ours, yet perfect.

After two weeks have passed, revisit the prayer journal assignment and see if the child would like to share their experience with answered prayer.