Saint Clare of Assisi


Saint Clare of Assisi, 1194–1253
August 11

Saint Clare was one of the first people to follow the teaching of Saint Francis of Assisi. She lived with a group of women who were very poor and prayed all the time. Despite their hard life, Clare and the other women were very happy because they knew God loved them. Saint Clare believed that Jesus was really and truly present in the Eucharist. Two times, when enemies wanted to attack the town of Assisi, the people asked Clare for help. She came to the walls of the city, holding the Blessed Sacrament in her hands. Both times the enemy ran away in fear.

Discuss: How do you show your devotion to the Eucharist?

Saint Clare is the patron Saint of the blind, television, telephones, embroiderers, glass painters, and sore eyes. She cut off her hair when she first joined Saint Francis. Her mother and sisters joined her in religious life. During her lifetime many important rulers and members of the clergy came to her for advice. In art, Saint Clare is sometimes shown carrying a ciborium or monstrance.

Jesus Loves Me

Explain to the child that Saint Clare knew Jesus loved her. Even though her life was sometimes difficult, she never lost the knowledge that she was loved.

  • Have the child make a heart out of any kind of paper they want to use. If they use lined notebook paper, they can write. If they use watercolor paper, they can paint. If they use construction paper, they can make a collage.
  • On the heart, have them write, or paint, or paste images or words that remind them and assure them that Jesus loves them.
  • Tell them to hang it up where they see it every day, or keep that heart handy on their person to remind them that no matter what happens, Jesus loves them! That is a powerful realization!
  • Invite the child to share their hearts with words, creation, or images, and explain, where necessary, their thoughts.