Saints Prisca and Aquila

First Century

Saints Prisca and Aquila, first century

July 8

During Jesus' life on Earth, he placed great value on friendships and relationships. Many years later, when Saint Paul was traveling throughout the Mediterranean region spreading the Gospel of Jesus, he, too, relied on friendships and hospitality. Among those who shared their home and hospitality with him were Prisca (Priscilla) and her husband Aquila.

Prisca and Aquila lived in Corinth, Greece. They were Jews who had lived in Rome but had been banished by the Emperor Claudius because of their faith. Aquila and Paul were both tentmakers by trade and they worked together during the time Paul stayed in Corinth. It is probable that Prisca and Aquila converted to Christianity around this time because the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 16:19–20 and Romans 16:3–5) speak of them having a Church in their home.

In the spirit of Jesus, Prisca and Aquila opened their hearts to Paul in friendship. He expressed his thankfulness for them in letters he sent to his other followers.

Paul stayed with Prisca and Aquila in Corinth for about a year and a half, making many converts among the Jews living there. When he set sail for Syria, the couple sailed with him. When they reached Ephesus, in what is now Turkey, Paul left them there. We hear no more about Prisca and Aquila after that, but it is believed they returned to Rome and were martyred there. For their devotion to their faith, Prisca and Aquila were both canonized.

Discuss: Tell about a time when you opened your heart in friendship to someone who turned out to be a great friend.

Paul's Travels

Share with the young people a map of Paul's travels.

  • Explain that Paul traveled by a sailing ship.
  • Point out that Paul's letters, which are a major part of the New Testament Scriptures, also tell us where he traveled.
  • It is estimated that Paul traveled 10,000 miles during his mission while he shared the Good News with both Jews and Gentiles.