Saint Maria del Transito de Jesus Sacramentado


Saint Maria del Transito de Jesus Sacramentado, 1821-1885

August 25

Maria del Transito Eugenia de los Dolores Cabanillas was born August 15, 1821, in Argentina. She was the third of eleven children. Her family was wealthy but Maria’s father also had a deep Christian faith. One of Maria’s brothers became a priest. Three sisters became nuns. 

Maria was taught at home as a child. When she was older, she was sent to the famous school at Cordoba. She studied there and cared for her younger brother as he prepared for the priesthood. When Maria’s father died in 1850, the rest of the family moved to Cordoba. Maria stayed at home to help her mother care for the other children. 

When her mother died in 1858, Maria entered the Franciscan Order. She gave more and more of her day to prayer. In 1872, Maria moved to Buenos Aires to enter a Carmelite monastery. Health problems forced Maria to leave in 1874. Later in the year she entered a new convent, but again she had to leave because of health problems. 

During this time of sickness and loss, Maria turned to God.  All her life she had wanted to teach and help poor children. With encouragement and help from two friends, Maria started the Congregation of the Franciscan Tertiary Missionaries of Argentina. The Congregation helped the poor and orphans. 

The new Congregation had great success. Three colleges were founded during Maria’s life. But Maria’s health was still poor. Daily work and sacrifice led to her death in August 1885. 

Discuss: How is Saint Maria an example of perseverance?

The Holy Childhood Association

The Holy Childhood Association is a Catholic children’s association. Through the association, children can help children in other countries.

  • Have the young people find out more about the Holy Childhood Association.
  • Ask them to find out how this organization helped children whose families had settled in the United States—the new world.