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Magisterium the teaching office of the Church, which is all of the bishops in union with the Pope. The Magisterium has the teaching authority to interpret the Word of God found in Scripture and Tradition.
Marks of the Church

the essential characteristics that distinguish Christ's Church and her mission: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic


the promised one who would lead his people. The word Messiah means "God's anointed," or "God's chosen one." Jesus is the Messiah.


an event that cannot be explained by science because it happened by the power of God


people who answer God's call to bring the message of Jesus and announce the Good News of his Kingdom to people in other places

mortal sin the most serious form of personal sin, through which a person breaks his or her relationship with God
Mother of God a title given to Mary because she is the Mother of the Son of God who became man
mystery a spiritual truth that is difficult to perceive or understand with our senses, but is known through faith and through signs