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discernment the process by which a person reflects, discusses, and prays about how God might be calling him or her to live out a particular vocation
disciples people who learn from and follow the example of a teacher. The disciples of Jesus are those who believe in him, follow his teachings, and put them into practice.
discipleship accepting Jesus’ invitation to believe in and follow him by studying his ways and putting them into practice
Divine Inspiration the gift of the Holy Spirit which assisted the human authors in writing the Bible to ensure it contained the truths God wanted us to know
Divine Revelation the process by which God makes himself known. The chief sources of revelation are Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.
doctrines official Church teachings on matters of faith and morals. Catholics are obligated to believe these truths.
domestic Church a name for the Catholic family, because it is the community of Christians in the home. God made the family to be the first place we learn about loving others and following Christ.