Alive in Christ

Parish Edition invites children to hear God’s invitation to a personal relationship through his Word, helps them discover and learn the Church’s teaching in precise theological language, and teaches them how to live as Catholic disciples.

Mirrors the Divine Pedagogy

The unique catechetical process in Alive in Christ intentionally mirrors the Divine Pedagogy—forming Catholic identity and leading children and families to
understand and live a life of discipleship.

Reaches Parents and Families

Involves parents through a variety of resources that help the entire family grow in faith and equip them with the skills necessary to communicate the truths of the faith
to their children.

Supports Catechists and Volunteers

Provides easy-to-use lesson planning, teaching, and training tools to help catechists, teachers, and volunteers improve their knowledge and catechetical skills and
grow in their own relationship with Christ and his Church.

Features a Unique and Effective Scripture Reflection Process

Students listen for God’s voice speaking personally to them through Sacred Scripture and are invited to respond through reflection and prayer.

Comprehensive online resources for catechists, students, and families that include online lesson planning, additional activities, seasonal resources, customizable chapter and unit assessments, and online training.

Student Books

Presents, and effectively implements, the six foundational tasks of catechesis (see National Directory for Catechesis, 131). Activities, features, and questions throughout the text prompt children to relate knowledge of our Catholic faith with their life experience. Each lesson provides practical examples of ways we worship, live, pray, and serve together as Catholics and introduces children to Catholic figures who stand as models of heroic virtue in everyday life.

Catechist Editions

The key concepts, doctrinal content, and chapter objectives are fully explained and conveniently located at the beginning of each chapter. A clear, concise, wraparound lesson plan leads the catechist page-by-page through the effective three-step process with integrated background on Sacred Scripture and doctrine, teaching tips, and connections to music, liturgy, and Catholic Social Teaching.

Grades 7 and 8 Catechist Support!

Everything catechists need to plan and teach a lesson is provided online in the lesson planning section of


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee on the Catechism has found Alive in Christ to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.