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Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

the Sacrament in which God's forgiveness for sin is given through the Church

sacramentals blessings, objects, and actions that remind you of God and are made sacred through the prayers of the Church
Sacraments of Initiation the three Sacraments that celebrate membership in the Catholic Church: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist

giving up something out of love for someone else or for the common good (good of everyone). Jesus sacrificed his life for all people.

Saint a hero of the Church. Someone who loved God very much, did his work on Earth, and is now with him in Heaven.
Savior a title for Jesus, who was sent into the world to save all people who were lost through sin and to lead them back to God the Father
Seven Sacraments

special signs and celebrations that Jesus gave his Church. They allow us to share in God's life and work.

sin the choice to disobey God on purpose and do what you know is wrong. Accidents and mistakes are not sins.
Son of God a name for Jesus that tells you God is his Father. The Son of God is the Second Divine Person of the Holy Trinity.