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Sabbath the seventh day of the week in the Jewish calendar. It is still observed by Jews as a day of rest, prayer and worship.
Sacrament at the Service of Communion

Holy Orders and Matrimony. These Sacraments celebrate people's commitment to serve God and community and help build up the People of God.

sacramental seal the rule that a priest is not to share anything he hears in confession
Sacred Scripture

the Word of God written by humans acting under the Holy Spirit's inspiration and guidance; another name for the Bible

Sacred Tradition

God's Word to the Church, safeguarded by the Apostles and their successors, the bishops, and handed down verbally – in her Creeds, Sacraments, and other teachings – to future generations


the loving action of God's forgiveness of sins and the restoration of friendship with him brought by Jesus


a title for Jesus, who came into the world to save all people who were lost through sin and to lead them back to God the Father

schism a break or division
Seven Sacraments

effective signs of God’s life, instituted by Christ and given to the Church. In the celebration of each Sacrament, there are visible signs and Divine actions that give grace and allow us to share in God’s work.


an offense against God as well as against reason, truth, and conscience

social sin unjust structures that can occur as the result of personal sin. One person?s sin can cause others to sin, and the sin can spread through a whole society.
soul the spiritual part of a human that lives forever
Spiritual Works of Mercy actions that address the needs of the heart, mind, and soul