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parable a short story Jesus told about everyday life to teach something about God
parish the local community of Catholics that meets at a particular place
Paschal Mystery

the mystery of Jesus' suffering, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension

peace a state of calm when things are in their proper order and people settle problems with kindness and justice

the feast that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit fifty days after Easter


in this prayer form, we ask God for what we need

Pope the successor of Peter, the bishop of Rome, and the head of the entire Church
Praise In this prayer form, we give God honor and thanks because he is God.
prayer talking and listening to God. It is raising your mind and heart to God.
Precepts of the Church

some of the minimum requirements given by Church leaders for deepening our relationship with God and the Church

priest an ordained man who helps his bishop by leading a parish, preaching the Gospel, and celebrating the Eucharist and other Sacraments
proclaim to tell about Jesus in word and action
purgatory a state of final cleansing after death and before entering into Heaven