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Passover the Jewish holy day that celebrates God?s leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt
peace a state of calm or harmony when things are in their proper order and people settle problems with kindness and justice
Precepts of the Church

some of the minimum requirements given by Church leaders for deepening our relationship with God and the Church


a messenger from God who speaks the truth and calls the people to follow the laws of God's covenant and act with justice

Protestant Reformation

a sixteenth-century religious separation from the Catholic Church that began with Martin Luther's preaching against what he felt were errors in the Church


God's loving care for all things; God's will and plan for creation


poems and hymns that were first used in the liturgy of the Israelites. Today, the psalms are also prayed and sung in the public prayer of the Church.

Purgatory a state of final cleansing after death and before entering into Heaven