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a type of spiritual being that does God's work, such as delivering messages from God or helping to keep people safe from harm



the Sacrament in which a person is immersed in water or has water poured on him or her. Baptism takes away Original Sin and all personal sin, and makes the person a member of the Church.


the Word of God written in human words. The Bible is the holy book of the Church.


Church the community of all baptized people who believe in God and follow Jesus
Commandment a law that God made for people to obey

everything made by God


disciple a follower of Jesus who believes in him and lives by his teachings


Eucharist the Sacrament in which Jesus shares himself, and the bread and wine become his Body and Blood



believing in God and all that he helps us understand about himself. Faith leads us to obey God.

free will being able to choose whether to obey God or disobey God. God created us with free will because he wants us to make good choices


God the Father

the First Divine Person of the Holy Trinity

godparents two people chosen by your parents to help you follow Jesus. They are usually present at your Baptism.

God's gift of a share in his life and help

Great Commandment

the law to love God above all else and to love others the way you love yourself



the full joy of living with God forever

holy unique and pure; set apart for God and his purposes
Holy Communion

receiving Jesus' Body and Blood in the celebration of the Eucharist

Holy Family the name for the human family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
Holy Spirit the Third Divine Person of the Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity

the one God in three Divine Persons—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit


image of God the likeness of God that is in all human beings because we are created by him


Jesus the name of the Son of God who became man


Kingdom of God the world of love, peace, and justice that is in Heaven and is still being built on Earth


Last Supper

the meal Jesus shared with his disciples the night before he died. At the Last Supper, Jesus gave himself in the Eucharist.

Lord's Prayer

the prayer Jesus taught his followers to pray to God the Father. This prayer is also called the Our Father.



the Mother of Jesus; the Mother of God. She is also called "Our Lady" because she is the Mother of the Church.

Mass the gathering of Catholics to worship God. It includes readings from the Bible and the celebration of Holy Communion.


New Testament

the second part of the Bible about the life and teachings of Jesus, his followers, and the early Church


obey to do things or act in certain ways that are requested by those in authority
Old Testament

the first part of the Bible about God and his People before Jesus was born

Original Sin the first sin committed by the first people and passed down to everyone


peace when things are calm and people get along with one another

giving God honor and thanks because he is God

prayer talking to and listening to God


Resurrection the event of Jesus being raised from Death to new life by God the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit



a hero of the Church who loved God very much, led a holy life, and is now with God in Heaven

serve to help or give others what they need in a loving way
Seven Sacraments special signs and celebrations that Jesus gave his Church. The Sacraments allow us to share in the life and work of God.
sin the choice to disobey God on purpose and do what you know is wrong. Accidents and mistakes are not sins.
Son of God a name for Jesus that tells you God is his Father. The Son of God is the Second Divine Person of the Holy Trinity.


Ten Commandments

God's laws that tell people how to love him and others


giving thanks to God for all he has given us