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Particular Judgment

the individual judgment by God at the time of a person’s death; when God decides, after a person’s death, where that person will spend eternity according to his or her faith and works

Paschal Mystery

the mystery of Jesus' suffering, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension

patron Saint a Saint who has a particular connection to a cause, place, type of work, or person. For example, if a person or city shares the name of a Saint, that Saint is a patron.
peace a state of calm when things are in their proper order and people settle problems with kindness and justice
penance the prayer, offering, or good work the priest gives you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Precepts of the Church some of the minimum requirements given by Church leaders for deepening your relationship with God and the Church

God's loving care for all things; God's will and plan for creation

prudence the Cardinal Virtue that helps us be practical and make correct decisions on what is right and good, with the help of the Holy Spirit and a well-formed conscience
Purgatory a state of final cleansing after death and before entering Heaven