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Magisterium the teaching office of the Church, which is all of the bishops in union with the Pope

a person who gives up his or her life to witness to the truth of Christ and the faith. The word martyr means "witness."


the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God. She is also called "Our Lady" because she is our mother and the Mother of the Church.

mercy kindness and concern for those who are suffering. God has mercy on us even though we are sinners.

a job or purpose. The Church’s mission is to announce the Good News of God’s Kingdom.

modesty a moral virtue and one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit that helps us dress, talk, and move in appropriate ways
morality living in right relationship with God, yourself, and others. It is putting your beliefs into action.
mortal sin

serious sin that causes a person's relationship with God to be broken

murder the deliberate killing of another person when the killing is not in self-defense